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I’m Harshita from New Delhi, India. I’m an ambivert, a bibliomaniac who never steps out without a book.

As I have very few book lover companions, I had always felt the need to talk and share about my love for books with my like beings. And that’s when I thought of book blogging and ‘The Mystique Books’ turn up.

It’s a place where I could befriend amazing book lovers and could talk about all the bookish things. And I’m always keen to know what my fellow readers are reading.

I read almost all genres except poetry, horror, extreme erotica, extreme violence, and basic love stories. My favourite genres are mythology, thrillers & mystery, business thrillers, crime thrillers, women fiction, literary fiction, historical fiction, contemporary fiction, classics, fantasy.

The growing numbers of the site motivate me to write more and post more. So, do join me here to keep me going.

And don’t forget to leave your feedback. Your feedback means a lot.

Started this blog on 10th October 2017.

You can also find me on Instagram|Twitter | Facebook|Goodreads or contact me at themystiquebooks@gmail.com

Happy Reading! Spread the bookish love!  😊


53 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Harshita, your blog is wonderful. I will have a closer look at it. We have something in common: We both love books and are ambiverts. Thank you very much for looking at my blog.

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  2. Bibliomaniac,I love it.I do never go anywhere without a book and I keep thanking my friend who convinced to buy a kindle to travel light.There is no too short time to read,10 minutes waiting at school gate or gymnastic lesson,hairdresser or doctor….🤓

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  3. Hello Harshita, you have a great blog. Loved to know that you are a book lover. I also love reading books (especially novels). But I don’t have many book lovers among my friends and family. I would love to discuss about books and characters with you. If you like you may follow my blog. I would love that. 😘📖📖📕📘📗📔

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  4. Hi Harshita! Thanks for following my blog. Happy to come across another book-lover. Due to time constraints, I haven’t been devoting much time to books, lately. I hope I can resume that soon. Keep reviewing and sharing it with all of us!

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  5. Hey Harshita…nice to know someone who prefers the world of books for I thought these people have vanished.
    Keep updating…cheers!!!

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      1. There’s a difference between people who prefer books and people who prefer kindle !!


  6. I love reading books – although they are a different genre than your favorites. I recently wrote a book based on a real-life story. It’s my first book and means a lot to me.

    Anyway, it’s great to connect with a book lover. Thanks for sharing.

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  7. Hey Harshita
    Thank you for taking the time to step on over to Love Relaished Ink. It’s wonderful to have your whimsical soul as a new companion on my long and winding road.
    From what I have seen of your blog so far, I’ve no doubt you are already finding writing a totally engaging and personally fulfilling experience. I hope the pleasurable company of words will always flow and follow you as you flow following the flow of your flowing path flowing into the wide blue yonder, and flow onwards towards the adventures that follow the flow beyond that
    Best wishes. Take care always in all ways for always.

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  8. Being paid to read books!!! wow!!! We can do it for the fun alone. Just kidding, realise how tough a journey it has been or still is for you. Are you full time in to this? Just querying. Keep up the good work Harshita.


  9. Great to get connected with your blog. I do some limited book reviews on my personal blog too. Wish you all thee best with your reviews. It’s always great fun to read new books and I do share many of the genres that you follow. Hoping to read more from you.

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