Books, reading and Book Cafes

So, I completed a short story today about a woman having a fearsome and intense love for his husband. I’ll share my thoughts on that one soon. I also made progress with my other current reads and hopefully will complete them by the end of the coming week. Sunday was fun with books, food, and … Continue reading Books, reading and Book Cafes


Reading is my escape.

  “Fiction can actually offer you a genuine escape from a bad place and in the process of escaping, it can furnish you with armor, with knowledge, with weapons, with tools you can take back in your life to help make it better. It’s a real escape and when you come back, you come back … Continue reading Reading is my escape.

It’s my Birthday! Let’s Get to Know each other! Let’s Chat!

Hey readers! How about knowing each other with brief introductions, a random story or sharing your thoughts about anything or everything. Let's get into some light-hearted or interesting conversations. Something you wanna share, something you haven't shared with anyone! Your likes, your passions! What you want to do with your life! Do tell me your … Continue reading It’s my Birthday! Let’s Get to Know each other! Let’s Chat!