The Parrots of Desire by Amrita Narayanan: Book Review

Title: The Parrots of Desire: 3000 years of Indian Erotica

Editor: Amrita Narayanan

Publisher: Aleph Book Company

My Rating: 4 stars

Links: Amazon Goodreads


Indian erotic literature from ancient and medieval times is a rich source talking about human sexual pleasures and desires.

In spite of rich antiquity of Indian erotic compositions, reading and talking about erotica is still a taboo in Indian society.

“The parrots of desire” is a compendium of stories and poems contributed by notable Indian writers and edited by Amrita Narayanan.

The book contains anthologies divided into twelve sections telling stories from brihadaranyaka Upanishad, koka Shastra, Kamasutra, Mahabharata, Gatha saptasati and more. It talks about art of seduction, men’s wish to be women, why bother with sex and much more delighting readers with immense knowledge and perception.

The book also talks about ‘the first time’, ‘anguish, abandonment and break up’, ‘suspicion and confusion’, and ends with the text of ‘The start and end of Sex’.

I loved almost all sections of the book but my favourites were three virgins by Manjula Padmanabhan, on creating confidence in the Girl, the means of getting rid of a lover and ways of slapping in Kama sutra, Ek Pati ki Notes by Mahendra Bhalla, A milkmaid to Krishna by Raskhan.

I took reasonable time to complete this book admiring all stories offering wisdom and knowledge.

Why to read this book

If you wish to discover Indian erotic history and its texts, this book will provide you with great insights to your knowledge.

The compilation done by the author is commendable.

This book is informative and captivating for the young erotica readers.

If you happened to read this book or thinking of it lately, do share your thoughts.













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