I Know Your Secret by Ruth Heald: Book Review

Gosh, what a wonderful thriller it was. I realized I haven’t read a single thriller this year. In pursuance of reading all the kinds of books, I missed out on this genre. I Know Your Secret is an amazing psychological thriller told from two women, viewpoints- Beth and Danielle. The book follows both narratives, switching alternatively in brief and quick chapters, making it a lot easier to be in hold of their stories.


Beth is a marriage counsellor whose own marriage is on the verge of ending; along with raising her four-year-old son, she is fighting her past anxieties. Danielle is Beth’s recent client seeking therapy for preserving her marriage. She also carries a secret past of loss and grief. Both of them had a troubled past and a mental health history, which seems acceptable from outside, but gets daunting at every turn of the page.

Even though I predicted a few turns coming up, I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you’re looking for a recent swift thriller, this one would be a great read. Surely won’t disappoint.



Have you happened to read this book? Or thinking of it lately?

Do share your thoughts in the comments below.




Title: I Know Your Secret

Author: Ruth Heald

Publisher: Bookouture

Publishing Date: June 2020

My Rating: 4 stars

Links: Goodreads Instagram Twitter Facebook


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