Hijab by Guruprasad Kaginele: Book Review

Kaginele’s book is a powerful narrative exploring identity, immigration, cultures, and nationalities. It was first published in Kannada in 2017 and was awarded Karnataka Sahitya Academy Award 2017. It’s a book impelling you to look at the migration issues and their racial truth through the view of a doctor; the state of the medical profession as opposed to the cultural and religious beliefs of immigrants. It talks about the appalling notions embedded in the society where migration comes in the picture.

Three Indian doctors are living in America, practicing at a hospital in Amoka, a small town in Minnesota, while waiting for their green cards. The things go awry when a doctor performed a cesarean section on a pregnant Sanghaali woman, even when she objected to it. Following this, a strident reaction came from the entire community along with the threat of distressing events. Soon unexpected incidents happen one after another, questioning the cultural differences of immigrants on different land.


Hijab is unlike to books already written on migration, as it tells the perspective of a doctor. Such books are rarely written. The story surely engages the readers’ attention and raises enough curiosity about what will happen to Sanghaali women and the doctors operating on c-sections. A recommended read.



Have you happened to read this book? Or thinking of it lately?

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Title: Hijab

Author: Guruprasad Kaginele

Publisher: Simon Schuster India

Publishing Date: February 2020

My Rating: 3.5 stars

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One thought on “Hijab by Guruprasad Kaginele: Book Review

  1. Having been to India, twice in the past few years, this novel interests me in finding some cultural understandings to better cope with the Current Corona crisis.


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