The Miniaturist by Jessie Burton: Book Review

I bought this book earlier this year, was trying to pick it for a while now and finally gave it a read, I’m pleased I loved it too. The time when I was reading it, dropped all my current reads for it, as it’s a highly engaging read.

An eighteen-year-old Petronella Oortman arrives in the lively city of Amsterdam as the wife of Johannes Brandt, a thirty-nine-year-old notable merchant, with the desire of consummating the marriage and have children, with all dreams a newlywed wish for. But little did she know, she is stepping into a household of umpteen secrets. She is welcomed in her new home by her sister-in-law Marin, two servants- Otto and Cornelia and two dogs. Her husband gives her a splendid miniature cabinet- a replica of their home as a wedding gift. Her life takes a turn when she decides to furnish the cabinet through the services of a Miniaturist.


The book has a fascinating plot, atmospheric; I could make out clear images in my mind of each of the scenes, the mystery of the events happening, the character of the Miniaturist, thrill of unexpected things unfolding, all of them made it so hard to put down this book. The suspense of Miniaturist’s character kept me turning the pages in haste, but revelation never came. Somehow ending of the book wasn’t as impressive as it looked while reading, it kind of left me unsettled. Yet, I enjoyed reading the Miniaturist, it’s an extremely engrossing read for me this month. I would recommend it if you love reading the entrancing tales of miniature dolls, magic, and eerie inkling the enchantments could leave us with. The Miniaturist is compelling, beguiling, and a remarkable story that one should definitely pick.


Have you happened to read this book? Or thinking of it lately?

Do share your thoughts in the comments below.




Title: The Miniaturist

Author: Jessie Burton

Publisher: Picador Books

Publishing Date: June 2015

My Rating: 4 stars

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