How I choose books to read.

You’re looking for a book that reminds you why you read in the first place. One written well and that will feel like it was written just for you- one that will make you think about things in a new way, or feel things you didn’t expect a book to make you feel, or see things in a new light. A book you won’t want to put down, whose characters you don’t want to tell good-bye. A book you will close feeling satisfied and grateful, thinking. Now, that was a good one. – Anne Bogel


Such are the books I always long to read, the ones that stay for a longer time and still refuses to go, the ones that overwhelm, influences, affects strongly and leaves its enduring impression. Books where I might find my prospect there, like it was written only for me, speaking close to what I feel, how I perceive things and people; books where l might get my answers like it knows how things are in my place.

But finding such books is an obscure task altogether, the books that completely resonates with your life and interests is not easy to look out for. I feel I’ve read good books till now, also few great books stand on my tbr, but even though it feels there are books I haven’t come across, reading them might leave me saying wow! that’s why I love reading. That is why I continue to follow all the great book recommendations and book clubs out there, making notes of all the recommendations, readers give out there, then extensively search for their blurbs and read them. Not all the books recommended are of my interest, well the majority of times, they don’t. Why? If you think. I contemplated and realized that the majority of the readers are recommending books that are either popular or ones that everyone is reading or books of their particular interest, which might not go well with other readers. Besides, I do not trust book reviews in newspapers or magazines or other periodicals. I don’t find them useful. I found them objective or too positive. Do you think so?


I choose books from the recommendations or book clubs as per my genre of interest, books whose synopsis gives an impression of the story I wish to read, not because it should be read or because everyone gives them a positive thumbs-up, I choose them even if it has negative reviews but the blurb sounds intriguing. I choose if I want to read on a particular subject; only if I would be able to understand the seriousness of the matter, I choose books that assure of joy, happiness, and entertainment and not only about war and despair. I choose by just browsing, by moving my fingers on the beautiful covers, by stumbling on them by some means or the other. I don’t choose if it’s a classic; I don’t choose if every avid reader is recommending it; I don’t choose if it’s an award winner. I choose only if I want to read the story, whose blurb, whose cover speaks to me.


How do you choose books to read? Of what to read next? Do you follow book recommendations? Have you simply picked if it is recommended by your favorite reader? What affects your reading decisions?



2 thoughts on “How I choose books to read.

  1. I do read book recommended in media reviews; also those my wife gets for her book club (not always my taste). Trouble is, now I am writing as well as reading it can be depressing to find a book that is so much better than one’s own!


  2. Novels choose me spontaneously if I just let my mind flow naturally. I tend to pick an area of current event first which leads me to search mindlessly for curious options.


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