Adults by Emma Jane Unsworth: Book Review

Jenny is thirty-five, an Instagram obsessed, social media freak, who spends a lot of time perfecting hashtags, filters for her next Instagram post, she frequently sends her posts for constant affirmation to her best friend Kelly. She’s a social maniac, insecure and uncertain of her real-life relationships, often giving comical responses to unsettling life situations. Working as a columnist in a feminist magazine, a good-looking life from outside, but having stiff relationships with her boyfriend Art and her mother, Jenny is not having fine days.


Adults is a relevant read discerning the enslavement of social media, harm it does to real-life relationships, anxiety and uneasiness to the mind, ridicule of today’s times of self-obsession. It has easy to read short chapters, including drafts, social posts, snippets of notes, messages, of Jenny’s views which were fun to read. Adults is of current times, of why it should be read. It was funny, especially where comical pieces were accounted for, but I’m not confident if I enjoyed it.

Jenny’s behavior was displeasing for most of the book, I didn’t commiserate with her. I would say it was an average read for me, though I did like few parts of the book but not convinced.


Have you happened to read this book? Or thinking of it lately?

Do share your thoughts in the comments below.



Title: Adults

Author: Emma Jane Unsworth

Publisher: HarperCollins India/Borough Press

Publishing Date: 31st January 2020

My Rating: 3 stars

Links: Amazon Goodreads Instagram Twitter Facebook


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