An American Marriage by Tayari Jones: Book Review

Title: An American Marriage

Author: Tayari Jones

Publisher: Algonquin Books/ HarperCollins India

Publishing Date: 6th February 2018

My Rating: 4.5 stars

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An American Marriage is powerful and heartbreaking at the same time. I loved every part of my time I spend reading this brilliant read. A beautiful book that will leave an overwhelming feeling in your heart and mind. It is now one of my favorite reads of this year.

Roy and Celestial have been married for nearly one and half year when Roy was wrongly arrested for a crime he didn’t commit and sentenced to 12 years. The hopes and dreams that both of them had built for the future, shattered in seconds of the verdict.

During his jail term, Roy exchanged letters with Celestial telling about things in there and Celestial, about her life without Roy out there. These letters form a major part of the book accounting genuine and raw emotions of the couple and will surely stir your emotions inside.


An American Marriage speaks of race, color, marriage, and injustice. It is about the marriage of Roy and Celestial, how wrongful imprisonment of Roy, a black man, changed the situations in their marriage.

Tayari’s narration is exceptional, writing down so well that one could certainly feel for the characters, saddened on the circumstances they have been put into and appreciate on how they accept the change, though dishearteningly but with hope to move forward.

An American Marriage deserves to be on your shelf and trust me spending on this book will be worth it. This was my first book of Tayari and it convinced me to reach out for her other books too.

Highly recommended.



Have you happened to read this book? or thinking of it lately?

Do share your thoughts in the comments below.





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