Books, reading and Book Cafes

So, I completed a short story today about a woman having a fearsome and intense love for his husband. I’ll share my thoughts on that one soon. I also made progress with my other current reads and hopefully will complete them by the end of the coming week.


Sunday was fun with books, food, and sleeping! Also, I’m making a list of all the book cafes in my city that I’m gonna visit on Sundays! Do you also have a wish list to visit all the book cafes in your city? If you’re from Delhi, would you like to share your experience of visiting book cafes and recommend me too?

Tell me!! I want to visit them all.




One thought on “Books, reading and Book Cafes

  1. There aren´t many bookstores in my city, so I´ve already visited all of them, but I do have sort of a wish list (that keeps on growing and growing) in my Pinterest, where I pin all the bookstores around the world I dream on visiting one day. You can tell me which ones from Delhi you´d recommend me, though, and I´ll surely add them too hahaha.


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