All Among the Barley by Melissa Harrison: Book Review

Title: All Among the Barley

Author: Melissa Harrison

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing

Publishing Date: 23rd August 2018

My Rating: 4.5 stars

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There are books which leave you in a state of equanimity and serenity, and All Among the Barley is one such book. ‘Marvellous’ is the word which immediately came to my mind when I finished this book. Undoubtedly, the book has been added to my favoured list of this year.

All Among the Barley centers around the life of Edie who is a 14-year-old girl staying at Wych Farm with her family and helps her father and brother in the harvest of Barley. The book is set in 1933 portraying the lives of people in the village after a few years of world war had ended. The book is a powerful account of Edie’s emotive state and growing-up age worries. Her life is comforted by the arrival of Constance FitzAllen who comes from London to Edie’s village to write about rural life and sharing her political sights with the people. Edie starts liking Constance in the course of time and aspires to visit London with her one day. Also, the book has the element of witchcraft and sorcery which made the book even more beguiling.


The ending of the book made up for the slow beginning and steady pace of the book. Besides, the book pulls a little in between where a too exhaustive account is given of farming and landscape. Regardless, I felt a state of contentment how the story turns over in the later pages and ends in a splendid fashion.

Melissa Harrison’s narrative of life at farmlands and her account of nature and scenic beauty is very vivid and comprehensive. Her exquisite writing style has already made me in reverence of her. The book has been meticulously written with an exceptional narrative style that it has to be a must read of this year.

The book is recommended for the readers who read historical fiction and would admire landscape descriptions and vivid account of the scenic beauty of farmlands. I loved this book and would definitely suggest this phenomenal work.


Have you happened to read this book? or thinking of it lately?

Do share your thoughts in the comments below.





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