It’s my Birthday! Let’s Get to Know each other! Let’s Chat!

Hey readers!

How about knowing each other with brief introductions, a random story or sharing your thoughts about anything or everything.

Let’s get into some light-hearted or interesting conversations.

Something you wanna share, something you haven’t shared with anyone! Your likes, your passions! What you want to do with your life!

Do tell me your name and the country you are from and how lovely it would be to know each other and becoming friends via this platform.


Let’s Chat!


Much love,




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153 thoughts on “It’s my Birthday! Let’s Get to Know each other! Let’s Chat!

  1. Hi my name I David and I am from the United States. I love to write and I am into music and the arts. I currently in school trying to get a degree in helping those with disabilities; I am excited about that and soon I will be doing volunteer work. Oh and btw my birthday is on the 24th and I am inspired to make a post just like this for my birthday great idea!!

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  2. Hi there, Happy Birthday. Hope you are having a fabulous day. I’m Elizabeth. I’m in my 50’s, love writing, reading, art, history, photography and hungry to learn more. I’m privileged to live in Scotland, I write, sing, love, laugh and cry every day. I have neuroendocrine cancer & carcinoid syndrome. It’s not how long you live it’s what you do while you are here. Have a great day. Best wishes from a cool and windy Scotland

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  3. Hello and Happy Birthday. My name is Anthony and I am a poet/visual artist/daddy extraordinaire from Ottawa Canada. I just wanted to say hello, and that it is a pleasure to be in the company of so many creative, curious and compassionate souls.

    I have a WordPress website where I post poems, artwork and work of other artists for the purpose of increasing their exposure. If any of you have anything you’d like to share, feel free to come by. 🙂 My website is..

    Now, to tell you something about me. I am a thriver of childhood trauma and abuse (pretty much all kinds). I also live with a mental health “diagnosis” and struggle through my days as much as any of you do. Oh, I also love smells… preferably good ones.. sandalwood, incense, lavender, white woods…. oh, and music… well, I need to stop somewhere, so I have chosen here. 🙂


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  4. Hey! Happy belated birthday!
    This is a wonderful idea and it’s been so nice to have a read of everyone else’s comments too.
    My name is Andrea, and I’m from Norway 🙂 I’m currently studying Translation and intercultural communications, and I love reading, tea and black out poetry x
    Hope you had a wonderful birthday!

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  5. Hi.😊 My name is R. J. (Robert James) Nello. (“Nello” is a pen name. I cannot tell you my real surname or I, uh, I… might get in lots of trouble.😂) I’m from New York, and live in England. Hope you had a happy birthday!👏

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  6. Hello Harshita.

    My name is Christopher and I live in Canada.

    I have two goddchildren who I’ve never met in real life.

    A goddaughter named Nyssa who lives in Delhi, India (the daughter of a blogger friend of mine).

    And a godson named Joshu who lives in Port Elizabeth, South Africa (the grandson of a blogger friend of mine).

    I write an on-line vampire novel on my blog.

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  7. My name is Cindy I’m from the USA. My biggest passion right now outside of writing is my essential oil collection, lol. Sounds kinda weird but I am totally hooked on them 😍 I like making homemade face wash, body scrub, perfume blends. And, for real, I spend way too much money on them. But I figured once I have all the flavors I’ll be done! But really, I’ve spent so much money on them I can’t afford my rent anymore! So I’ll be moving to some place cheaper….so I can afford them Lol.
    I’m a grandmother of 2 boys. Love them dearly.
    I started blogging for therapeutic reasons. It was my doctor that suggested it, since I opened a fb Page. But I’m wondering, while I’m thinking about it, I’ve lost like I think 10 followers since I started my blog. I wonder if anybody has any impute on this. I’ve been thinking about unattaching my site from there because what my stats show is people really only like reading my images.

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  8. Hi, and a very belated Happy Birthday x Just seen your post. I am Satia and from England, our weather really is changeable, it is rainy and blustery as I type this! Graduate, lover of books, animals, poetry, and interesting people. Background Psychology and Neuroscience with bits of Philosophy thrown in for good measure! Autumn is my favourite season.

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