65 Colours of Rainbow by Smit Kapila: Book Review

Title: 65 Colours of Rainbow

Author: Smit Kapila

Publisher: Srishti Publishers

My Rating: 3.5 stars

Links: Amazon Goodreads


Where people at office are facing with their work pressures and office target dates, this book will bring twinkle in your eyes compelling you to recollect your amusing office moments.

Even in the dull office environment, there are undoubtedly few hilarious episodes which are bound to happen in the corporate premises. And the peers find their own giggling sessions to cherish few funny moments in their office.

This book holds 65 comical short stories based on realistic corporate life. These stories will amuse the readers and refresh them. It’s a light book which will absolutely put up the smile on your face.

While reading, I also recollected my funny office incidents happened during my internship period and still in my office such events happen in one or the other days.

What was Good

  • Hilarious realistic stories to easily connect with.
  • Lovely caricatures will keep the interest going.
  • Easy and light read driving readers to complete in one go.


What wasn’t Good

  • Most of the stories are too short to leave a reading impact.
  • The readers who doesn’t belong from corporate world or never been into such experience, may not relate to the book. But the content is still relatable provided you understand the witticism. (Good Part)


Why to read this book

If you want to pick up a light or refreshing book, this is the one. This book is comical and will surely leave you grinning.

I enjoyed reading this book.

A refreshing read.



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