Some starts reading early, Some starts reading late, but when Reading happens, it’s an addiction!! As soon as you finish one book you carve for another!

And by mistakenly you start reading a book series :-O  Breathing is denied until you finish the series 😀

I really don’t remember when I initially started doting reading but I do remember that I want another novel after every finish. I want to continue this process of reading, one novel after the other without any break like we follow our daily routine of waking up to going to bed and then waking up again next morning! 😀


“Just one more page” is the motivating line to keep your craving going!

Do share your book addiction experiences and the books and the authors that has lead to the same!


(Well! book reviews are needed before picking up one as they let you know whether the book is worth your reading time!

In this blog, I may post reviews of old books as there are many readers who have not read many of the famous authors yet.)




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